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Prepared Marketing is a full service marketing and website design firm based out of Newberg Oregon. Serving businesses in Newberg, Sherwood and McMinnville as well as through out the United States. Specializing in Start-Ups, Non-Profit Businesses and Local Businesses Prepared Marketing has the knowledge and expertise to service the needs of your company. We provide a full range of services including: Ad Management (Multiple Platforms), Social Media Management, Search Engine Optimization, Website Design and Mobile Application Development and more.


Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing can be confusing and challenging  Allow our expertise to help guide you through the complexities of being found online by reducing wasted expenses and increasing conversions.

Social Media Management

Social Media is a complex part of business today. Prepared Marketing can help you find the best platforms and strategies to connect to your customers, increase revenue and solidify the bottom line.

Business Branding

Having a cohesive brand is critical to your success as a business. The best brands in existence today have a unified presentation to their clients, and at Prepared Marketing we believe that this should be the case for local businesses as well.

Custom Websites

Prepared Marketing provides websites that will leave your customers with the right impression. Melding together style, atmosphere and functionality Prepared Marketing  will create the website for which you have hoped.

Analytics and Reporting

Prepared Marketing Provides top quality analytics and reporting for all of our websites and advertising campaigns. If you are tired of not knowing what is happening when you spend money on internet marketing, Prepared Marketing has the answer.

Mobile App Development

At Prepared Marketing, we understand that mobile technology is paramount to the modern business. To that end, cross platform mobile applications is central to what we offer to our clients.

Business Photography

For our local clients we offer business photography services. Do you need affordable, quality business shots? We have the solution for you!

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an important part of every businesses online presence. Prepared Marketing will meet your email marketing needs, and allow you to reach even more of your customers.